Schedule wisely. Save unnecessary costs.

Automate the start and stop of your instances in real-time and scale with TotalCloud


Real-time scheduling to identify idle dev instances and shut them down to maximize savings

Schedule recommendations based on resource utilization over a period of time

Smart Scheduling

Slack Commands

Start and stop instances right from the Slack channel without having to go back into the TotalCloud app 

Recommendations of the right instance type on the basis of over and under-utilization of resources

Rightsizing Recommendations

Complete customization

Chain actions

What TotalCloud can do for you

Sync your AWS account on which you want to perform the automation

Select/Create Workflows

Pick an existing template or create one from scratch using automation nodes


Deploy the workflow you have picked or created to complete the automation

3 simple steps to get you started

Completely customize schedules through the workflow editor to link multiple actions, like SSM software updates, to the schedules

Link schedules to each other to create chain actions. For instance, an RDS schedule can be triggered based on an EC2 schedule

Sync AWS Account

Get early access to the TotalCloud Smart Scheduler

We are gradually opening up access to companies


A scheduling solution to make your spending more efficient

Terms of Service

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